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09/02/2021El Instituto de Economía y Negocios de la Universidad de Sevilla recibe una ayuda Marie Curie
Instituto de Economía y Negocios de la US (IUSEN)

El Instituto de Economía y Negocios de la Universidad de Sevilla formará parte del proyecto europeo WOMLEAD, con la incorporación al Instituto y al Departamento de Administración de Empresas y Marketing de la investigadora Caren Goldberg, a través de una de las ayudas Marie Curie.

Los datos del proyecto son:

MSCA-IF-2020: Closing the Gender Gap in Leadership: Using Research to Inform Practice

Researcher: Caren Goldberg

Supervisor and PI: Gabriel Cepeda

The lack of women in leadership is a concern raised by several multinational organizations including the UN and the European Commission. Research suggests that women’s underrepresentation is partly attributable to stereotypes regarding female leaders. Despite the persistence of these stereotypes, leadership scholars have shown that women are in fact, more skilled than men at almost all attributes that distinguish excellent leaders from average/poor ones. In an effort to lessen the gender gap in leadership, the current project seeks to solidify “the business case” for increased women in leadership, by developing and testing hypotheses to demonstrate that women’s leadership advantages result in increased customer service. Based on research on servant leadership, which focuses on altruistic values that engage followers in relational and emotional dimensions, so they are empowered to grow, I propose that servant leadership will positively relate to subordinates’ soft skill development and that this relationship will be stronger among female leaders. Further, given the research linking soft skills to customer service, I propose that subordinates’ soft skill training will mediate the relationship between servant leadership and customer service. While I will publish theoretical and empirical studies based on this research in scholarly journals, a distinctive feature of the proposal is dissemination to non-academic stakeholders. I plan to lead seminars in the business community to share the practical implications of my findings. The pinnacle of my communication efforts will be creating a Women’s Leadership Centre at USE that I will lead after the fellowship period. To prepare myself, I will carry out a secondment at an academic institution that has a diversity centre and at a non-academic organization focused on gender equality, to acquire knowledge about the pressing research issues facing European working women and to learn how to develop and sustain the centre at USE.

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Vicerrectorado de Investigación. Universidad de Sevilla. Pabellón de Brasil. Paseo de las Delicias s/n. Sevilla