Proyecto de investigación

WAVESTAR: High-efficient, low-weight, pile-supported 500-kW wave energy converter

Responsable: Juan Manuel Carrasco Solís
Tipo de Proyecto/Ayuda: 6º Programa Marco de la U.E.
Referencia: SI-0028/2008
Fecha de Inicio: 01-01-2008
Fecha de Finalización: 31-12-2010

Empresa/Organismo financiador/es:

  • Comisión Europea


Resumen del proyecto:

The objective of this project is to design, construct, install, optimize and document the operation of a 500 kW wave energy converter in the North Sea. The project will be an important milestone for future commercialisation of the concept. The WaveStar is characterized by its robustness, simplicity, high energy output and low weight. Forty floats transform both regular and irregular waves into a hydraulic system with forty cylinders that drives a hydraulic motor connected with the power generator. When the waves exceed a specified height the floats are lifted out of the water for protection of the mechanical system. Based on more than 50 different model tests carried out in 2004 in scale 1:40, the WaveStar concept is well documented and optimized for a maximum energy output. A scale 1:10 machine has been launched for sea test (January 2006) in the fjord Nissum Bredning, Denmark.

Union Europea

Vicerrectorado de Investigación. Universidad de Sevilla. Pabellón de Brasil. Paseo de las Delicias s/n. Sevilla