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Proyecto de investigación

Social protection in Europe: convergence, integration, accession and the free movement of labour (SPECIAL)

Responsable: Cristina Sánchez-Rodas Navarro
Tipo de Proyecto/Ayuda: Proyecto Marie Curie
Referencia: HPSE-CT-2001-50004
Web: http://cordis.europa.eu/projects/rcn/57330_en.html
Fecha de Inicio: 01-07-2001
Fecha de Finalización: 30-06-2004

Empresa/Organismo financiador/es:

  • Commission of the European Communities (Research Directorate-General)


  • Universiteit Gent (Ann Wardenier)
  • University of Salzburg (Walter Pfeil)
  • Kobenhavns Universitet (Peter Abrahamson)
  • University of Helsinki (Raija Sollamo)
  • Universite de Paris 1 - Sorbonne - Pantheon (Francis Kessler)
  • The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science (Bernd Schulte)
  • University Research Institute of Social Insurance Health and Assistance (Konstantinos Kremalis)
  • National University of Ireland (Donal Doolan)
  • Universite de Paris X (Nicole Kerschen)
  • Universiteit Maastricht (Appie Luermans)
  • Instituto Superior de Ciencias do Trabalho e da Empresa (Jose Manuel Paquete de Oliveira)
  • University College of South Stockholm (Sven Hort)
  • University of York (Graham Gilbert)
  • Sofijski Universitet Kliment Ochridski (Angel Popov)
  • Research Institute of Labour and Social Affairs (Pavel Kolar)
  • Almacon Ltd (Georg Maennik)
  • University of Szeged (Otto Czucz)
  • Social Policy Unit (Jolanta Rimkute)
  • Institute of Labour and Social Studies (Stanislawa Borkowska)
  • University of Bucharest (Viorel Mihai Ciobanu)
  • Foundation SPACE - Social Policy Anaysis Centre (Zuzana Stanova)
  • University of Ljubljana (Janez Kranjc)
  • University of Istanbul (Berin Ergin)


  • Becarios:
    • Eva Beatriz Navarrete Maceas


  • Nombramiento de Becario:
    • Rocío Coral Sánchez-Rodas Navarro

Resumen del proyecto:

This Thematic Network is about providing access to existing data in the EU and the Accession Countries (AC) that is necessary to qualify and quantify the impact of enlargement on the free movement of labour in all its social aspects (Health, Pensions and Unemployment, HPU). We will go further to include monitoring information on the status of social protection reform in the AC, including their introducing of the acquis communautaire. We carry out specific research activities, using our data and information to forecast future developments in HPU that have a major impact on socio-economic development and on policy making in the EU. We want to know and work on the question to what extent Europeanisation leads to a further convergence of the different social protection systems in the MS and the AC?

FEDER - Union Europea

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