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Proyecto de investigación

Collaborative Housing in a Pandemic Era: cross-country inter- and transdisciplinary evaluation, innovative approaches, human rights-based policy recommendations and capacity building (CO-HOPE)

Responsable: Esteban de Manuel Jerez
Tipo de Proyecto/Ayuda: Plan Estatal 2017-2020 Retos - Programación Conjunta Internacional
Referencia: PCI2022-133003
Fecha de Inicio: 01-04-2022
Fecha de Finalización: 31-03-2025

Empresa/Organismo financiador/es:

  • Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación


  • Lund University
  • Robert Temel (Robert Temel)
  • Technische Universitaet Wien
  • UrbaMonde France
  • Universidad de Lyon - Lyon School of urban Anthropocene Studies



  • Investigadores:
    • Consolación González Arriero

Resumen del proyecto:

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that the failure to guarantee the right to adequate housing has had major consequences during this global crisis in Europe. CO-HOPE is a response to this health, housing and social crisis. CO-HOPE focuses on carrying out applied research through a mixed methods evaluation of the resilience and transformative capacities of collaborative housing projects and inhabitants in five European countries (Obj. 1,2), co-creating pandemic resilient participatory design approaches (Obj. 3), generating policy analysis and advocacy (Obj. 4) and implementing a North-South capacity building programme on affordable and pandemic-resilient collaborative housing (Obj. 5). CO-HOPE has an inter- and transdisciplinary approach, incorporating complementary forms of knowledge through cooperation between researchers and practitioners, residents, civil society organizations and local authorities. To foster urban transformation capacities, Non-Profit Organizations active in international policy advocacy for adequate housing and the right to the city as well as Universities with extensive experience in conducting capacity-building programmes through North-South cooperation are leading specific work packages. The potential-oriented recommendations to policymakers and capacity building activities will contribute to a shift in housing provision towards community-led projects in more caring and cohesive environments and ecosystems of actors.

Vicerrectorado de Investigación. Universidad de Sevilla. Pabellón de Brasil. Paseo de las Delicias s/n. Sevilla